With Christmas round the corner, you are sure to be visited more often by guests dropping by for the Season’s Greetings!
There’s some things you need to have in your fridge to welcome these guests, and that’s Icecream and Cake!

Here is a delicious, lip-smacking, recipe that combines both of those delicious ingredients. Your guests will not only find a great appetizer but also commend you for your amazing culinary skills.

Here’s what you need:
– 1 loaf pound cake (Sponge Cake preferably)
– 1 Tub of Icecream (preferably Vanilla, But you can experiement with different flavors according to your tastes)
– Raspberries or Strawberries
– Confectioners’ sugar

The Steps are simple, and you can complete this recipe in less than half and hour!

– Take the loaf of Cake and slice it horizontally into three layers.
– Stir the Icecream in a bowl, to make it soft and smooth. However, you have to make sure the Icecream does not melt thoroughly but is just soft enough.
– Take the base slice of the cake, and sprinkle gently raspberries or strawberries. You may dice these berries up if they appear to be  a bit too big for your cake base. Also another thing to be noted, is that you may ignore if the berries are not evenly spaced out, however there has to be spaces between each berry.
– Pour a layer of Icecream gently over the base layer of the cake slice. covering and filling the gaps between the berries. Then gently pat the layer down to form a flat surface.
– Put another slice of Cake on top of this layer of Icecream and repeat the same process.
– Make sure this is done quickly so that the Icecream layers do not melt. Then keep it in the fridge quickly, till ready to be served.
– Top it with a sprinkle of Confectioners’ sugar.

Absolutely Delicious and ready to be served!