This chilly weather is the perfect season to give your taste-buds a bit of a chilly-tingle. Here is a quick and hassle free recipe which you can make once you’re home, after a tiring day at the office. Enjoy it after your dinner!

What you need:-
1 cup heavy cream,
2 tbsps. confectioners’ sugar,
6 Vadilal ice creams- sandwiches and
1/2 cup chocolate chips, (Make sure their chopped)

What to do:-
– In a large bowl, beat the sugar and cream till it forms a stiff, creamy batter.
– Line a loaf pan with a wax paper fully so that the sides of the paper come out of the pan.
-Then place 3 ice cream sandwiches first at the bottom of the plan and then spread generous amount of whipped cream over it.
– Then follow the same process for remaining 3 pieces. You can also spread the cream between each layer.
– Once you’ve spread the cream with on the topmost layer, sprinkle the chopped chocolate chips over it. You can also grate the chocolate bar directly over the layer.
– Then cover it with plastic wrap and freeze until it is firm. This may take about an hour or more.

Once frozen; take off the plastic wrap, cut the pieces and serve the chilly delight.