1. Do you reside in Ahmedabad/Baroda/Surat?

2. Do you have a food blog or a facebook page or a youtube channel?

3. How long have you been experimenting with food?

4. Is making dessert your specialty?

5. Who is your favorite chef?

6. Do you watch Colors Gujarati Rasoi Show?

7. Please share 1 Vadilal Icecream based recipe which can be made in 5 minutes or less.

Upload your recipe

Upload your photo (1 close up. 1 long shot)

#VadilalDessertStar T&C’s

1. The contest starts from 15th March, 2016.
2. Applicant age must be between 15-40 years.
3. Participant photo to be uploaded: size should not exceed 1 MB. Need 1 close up and 1 long shot.
4. Shortlisted candidates will have an audition to check their capabilities as a co-host for the
Rasoi Show on Colors Gujarati.
5. If any copyright infringements and conflicts arise because of the genuinity of the entries,
Vadilal Icecream holds the right to disqualify such participants. All disputes are subject
to Ahmedabad Jurisdiction only.
6. Vadilal Icecreams solely holds the right to add, modify or remove any clauses in the terms & conditions.
7. Final winning decision with solely be taken by Vadilal Icecreams.