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Make 2016 a memorable year: 366 days of pure Ice Cream pleasure
  • admin
  • June 6, 2018

Another year zooms by, leaving behind memories. Some sweet, some sour, some tangy and some that are beyond words. But we love them all anyway. So 2015 feels like a yummy sizzling chocolate brownie that’s almost over, but that’s not the end of the world, right?

Consider 2016 to be a tall serving of a creamy strawberry milkshake – obviously topped off with a massive scoop of a chocolate or vanilla ice cream – and gear up to enjoy this irresistibly delicious New Year. Begin with creating, preserving and enjoying memories. Make as many as you can. Meet that old friend you’ve wanted to meet since months. Plan a family outing and show them your favorite hangout spot. Confess of your love to your crush 😉
Stop waiting for those special moments in life, go out and make them happen. All you need is your spirit, your loved ones and a few cups of ice cream to share with them. Team that up with an occasion like the new years, and you have a memory to treasure for a lifetime.

The world’s a brilliant place as long you can have ice creams.

Wishing everybody a fulfilling 2016,


Vadilal Ice Creams

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